PiggyPop Online Slot Rating and reviews

In the slot machine known as PiggyPop, filthy wealthy pigs are featured over all 6 reels, with the number of rows increasing as the game progresses. It was designed by Avatar UX for Yggdrasil, and it makes use of an exciting feature called PopWins, which can offer you up to 524,288 different chances to win. To activate an endless number of free spins with an ever-increasing win multiplier and the opportunity to win a reward that is 10,690 times your wager during this bonus, you must fill all of the rows to their maximum capacity.

PiggyPop is a game that can be played on both desktop computers and mobile devices, and it has high levels of volatility and average returns of 95.5 percent. Visit the top Yggdrasil casinos to hang out with the piggy cartoon characters and increase your chances of winning big.

How to Play the Slot Machine Called PiggyPop

The PiggyPop slot machine has a variety of cartoon pigs decked out in fashionable attire, as well as a golden bonus pig wearing a pair of sunglasses, which is one of the game’s many entertaining elements. They share the reels with symbols of cocktails, luxury fragrances, and gold playing card symbols, while the game itself is contained inside a bank vault that has a purple hue and is guarded by a large statue of a pig. A jovial piano song that complements the fashion of the characters from the 1920s and adds another delightful level to the gameplay is included.

This cartoon universe may be explored on personal computers as well as mobile devices running Android, iOS, and Windows. Both the desktop and mobile platforms have the same look and set of functionality, as well as the same user-friendly control options. At the best online slots sites, you’ll find a betting range of 0.20 to 100.00, and all you have to do to place a wager is hit the Stake button and choose a quantity that’s appropriate for your spending limit.

Other buttons include blue arrows in a circle that start the reels spinning in Auto mode, and right at the bottom, you’ll notice three lines that carry you through to a paytable. These buttons can be found on the slot machine. This explains how the PopWins system works as well as how much money you may win when a certain number of the same symbol appear in a row that does not stop across any three or more reels. The golden pig may pay out anywhere from 0.6 times to 3 times your wager, and it all depends on how many reels he falls on.

Features of the PiggyPop Slot Machine Such as Free Spins

The PopWins system is at the heart of the gameplay of PiggyPop, and it works in the following way: Any symbols that are part of a winning combination will “pop” and be replaced by a pair of symbols, with the top symbol stacked on top of the bottom symbol. This has the effect of expanding the amount of different ways that a player may win, and if the new combination causes another victory, the PopWins mechanism will repeat itself, resulting in additional symbols and an even greater number of different ways that a player can win.

The reels in the base games may be expanded from the standard configuration of four rows to a maximum of six rows, however if a spin does not result in a win, the reels will reset to the standard configuration of four rows. After the reels on the PiggyPop slot machine have completely expanded, the free spins bonus round will become available to you as a prize.

During the bonus games, there are a few of unique elements that, when used together, make it much simpler to amass significant winnings. To begin, you have the option of spinning a gamble wheel to expand the initial number of rows to 5, or 6. However, you should proceed with caution since you will forfeit all of your free spins if the gamble is unsuccessful.

When a player scores a win that awards free spins, the reels do not completely reset at the conclusion of any sequence of PopWins; rather, they just move to the lowest possible position visible. In addition, there is a win multiplier that increases by one time for every free game that is played, and golden pigs double their values by the number of times that symbol appears on the reels. In addition to all of this, the reels may now extend to a maximum of 8 rows, and once all of their unlockable features are activated, golden pig symbols quadruple the multipliers they provide.

PiggyPop Slot Maximum Wins, Average Returns, and Volatility Wins during the bonus round can hit a huge 10,690x the stake, which is equivalent to a life-changing 1,069,000.00 if you have the maximum of 100.00 staked on the spin that triggers the feature. PiggyPop Slot has a medium level of volatility, which means that players have a good chance of winning when they play the game. Because PiggyPop is one of the most volatile Slot Games, you won’t always win every time you spin the reels, but the rewards you do win may be pretty substantial.

The total payback rate is 95.5 percent, which is a bit lower than the returns that are often offered by many other extremely volatile slot machines, which are typically around 96 percent or higher.

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